Increase the performance of the intercooler in your MR2 SC, MR2 Turbo or Celica All Trac Turbo by adding a high flow fan by SPAL. These fans flow MUCH more air than the stock fan in the MR2 Turbo and are a much needed addition to the SC and All Trac which came with no fan.

Three sizes offered:

7.5" - Flows 440CFM. Replace the stock MR2 Turbo intercooler fan with a 7.5" puller to drastically increase the airflow over that critical heat exchanger. Double the cooling effect with a 7.5" pusher on the outer side of the intercooler. Works with stock intercooler as well as most aftermarket units.

9" - Flows 590CFM. Give the intercooler and engine compartment of your Celica All Trac a much needed blast of fresh air by mounting a 9" push fan on top of the intercooler. Increase power while lowering underhood temps.

10" - Flows 650CFM. Give the intercooler and engine compartment in your MR2 Supercharged a break by mounting this high flow fan on the bottom of the intercooler, pushing air up through the core and out through the engine lid vents. The 10"; pusher is also a perfect fan for the engine lid on a MKII Turbo MR2 as it fits with the stock heat shield still in place and moves a lot of hot air out of the engine compartment.

11" - Flows 810CFM. Fits most popular engine lid fan shrouds.

Add a Fan Relay Harness to make hook up easy!

Add a Fan Relay Harness with thermostatic control!

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