STI lead sets come equipped with specially designed durable boots, corrosion resistant and over-sized clip-lock terminals which allow for positive electrical connection every time you install or reinstall them. Their Silicone-over-Silicone cable includes two layers of only Silicone for superior voltage protection.

STI also uses proper distributor angle Terminals which allow for a positive feel electrical connection every time you install or reinstall them. Other Brands provide a 90 degree distributor boot, but NOT a 90 degree terminal. (See the picture with the Red Wire) When you install their boot on a distributor cap it has a springy feel because you are actually pushing on the wire inside the boot.

Firepower: STI wire sets use stainless steel magnetic conductive windings for applications which can handle extra fire power to reach the spark plugs. This results in improved gas mileage and superior engine performance, while it prevents radio frequency noise from interfering with radios, cellular telephones, TV's, computers and other onboard electronic equipment.

91/92 5SFE Wire set:

93+ 5SFE Wire set:

  • Model: 335-80X

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Spark Transfer International
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