Many people searching eBay have found an item listed as 'JDM short shift lever'. This is nothing more than a stock Toyota shift lever from the 93 and later MKII MR2. This shorter lever is a popular upgrade for the pre-93 cars and has been tested with success even on the MKI MR2 (where it provides a significantly different feel from stock).

This lever drops the height of your shift knob over an inch. The factory shift knobs supplied prior to 1993 will not work with this lever - we recommend one of our billet AL knobs if you purchase this item.

Above: 93+ lever on top, 91/92 lever on bottom
Below: Installed in a MKI MR2 with our RSe Delrin drop plate. 93+ on the left, OEM MKI (also with drop plate) on right. The lever alone provided a 1" drop in knob height.

Note: While this lever has been successfully used in MKI MR2s, some owners have reported problems getting into 5th and Reverse. We cannot guarantee fitment on all MKI MR2s.

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