As anyone who has installed a Momo or NRG steering wheel hub has probably noticed, the hub is quite a bit smaller than the opening in the steering column shrouds, leaving an unsightly gap around the hub. These laser cut aluminum plates fit into the steering column clamshell shrouds behind the opening, closing out the gap. They are powder coated satin black with a light texture.

Installation is simple, just slip the plate into the lower half of the clamshell as shown in the images, and shim with a scrap of thin cardboard or foam weatherstripping to prevent rattles. Another option would be to glue it to the clamshell with RTV, but this seems excessive when a simple shim seems to work quite well. Note that the plates are not symmetric, make sure the larger flat is to the left side of the car.

Please note - this item will not fit telescoping steering column clamshells without modifying the shell.

  • Model: Steering Block-off

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