This boost control solenoid can be controlled from a MegaSquirt EMS with the appropriate mods, or with other electronic boost controllers. The MS3X, eMS-Pro, MSPNP, and DIYPNP have the circuits needed to drive this directly. It operates on a frequency of 19.5-40 Hz and is practically a wire-in replacement for the now-discontinued GM EBC Solenoid. It usually needs a slightly lower duty cycle than the GM valve; if you're replacing a GM valve, we recommend cutting back your duty cycles by 30% and then carefully testing and adjusting as needed. This kit includes barb fittings and mounting hardware.

Note this valve is a perfect match for use with our MegaSquirtPNP and DIYPNP line of PNP EMS systems.

The above diagram shows the way the solenoid is plumbed up for both 1-port wastegates (such as most internal designs) and for 2 port wastegates (such as the ones made by Tial). Both plumbing methods are set up so that energizing the solenoid will increase boost. This is a fail-safe so that if the valve loses power, boost will drop to its minimum set pressure.

One wire connects to a 12 volt source, the other to the Megasquirt, the valve wiring is not polarized so it does not matter which wire you run to 12v+ and which to switched ground at the EMS. It is recommended not to mount the valve in a direct extreme heat source, but if you can mount it off to the side of your engine bay keeping maximum valve temps at or under 122*F.

  • Model: EBC Sol Kit

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