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Extremely easy install. Comes with literally everything needed. Little bits of sand paper for the stubborn rusted cable ends. Mine were bad but a little sanding and done. 20 minutes and they were in. Nice solid shifts now compared to factory busted rubber bushings. THANKS!!

Rated by Andy Weinle

WHY DID I LET THESE SIT ON THE BENCH FOR 2 MONTHS? One of the best and cheapest upgrades I've made. Way better than the brass bushings. Huge improvement in shift quality. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I put in a brand new tranny and my shifting was better but still stiff and rough going into 1st. With these bushings it literally shifts like an arcade game - no resistance at all. I did wind up turning some spacers .510 diameter by .100 thick and installed them on either side of the bushing to space the bushing off the shift arm and make a nice tight fit with the retaining pin as I've read that they can rattle a bit. Not necessary but I have been known to be a bit anal. Once again Twos R Us to the rescue.

Rated by Mike Jance

This little piece of hardware make really a noticable difference. I would highly recommend this. I brought the PTFE one.

Rated by Renaud Laloux

Really easy to install these bearings in the ends of your shifter cables. They make shifting so much nicer, especially if your stock bushings are totally ovalized like mine were. Note: The washers in this kit are necessary to keep the bushings from popping out of the end of the cable and they rattle ALL the time and it will drive you insane if you put theses in you dd. I suggest buying a small spring to keep the washers under pressure so they don't move about.

Rated by Ben Anderson
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