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These guides were the ticket to fixing the annoying driver's side corner leak on my 91 MR2T. Saved me a boatload over buying new seals! :D If even after you install these guides you're still seeing leaks, you can also adjust the angle of the latching pin on both sides of the t-top. It involves disassembling the t-top latch and cover, but once apart, you'll see where you can adjust the angle at which the 2 chrome pins come out. Adjust them accordingly to provide an even tighter fit and if your seals are in any decent shape, it should resolve the leaks.

Rated by Dave Wong

I have an AW11 with T-Tops that would leak in the rain, so I tried these guides. I installed them so the hole of the guide is on the bottom and facing the inside of the car. They seem to have fixed the leak. I ran a steady stream of water directed at the roof, and no leaks! While I replaced my old guides I went ahead and clean and lubed my weather seals with GM Super Lube. GM Part no.12346241. Keep in mind, that you should be lubricating your weather seals as regular maintenance for any car. A dried out seal will certainly leak. The Super Lube works great for me, but I've heard of Honda Shin Etsu grease (which Twos R Us sell) working, but have not tried it. Anyway, if your T-Tops leak, try lubing them and using these guides. At $7 a set, why not try it? Remember to order two sets, as there are four T-Top guides to a car.

Rated by Ryan Schrader

Popped the new ones in, already can feel how stiff the top is pushed against the weather strips, washed car with hose soaking the previous leaky area, after 2-3mins of soaking the top, no signs of even 1 water droplet!

Rated by Danny Nguyen

These worked for me. Cheaper than replacing the seals!

Rated by Kyle Rushton

shipped super fast and working like a charm to keep le agua out of my car. 5/5 no problem even used the grease to keep a noice seal.

Rated by byron nunnally

My car just sat all day in hosing rain, and believe me it knows how to rain in Sydney. Not a drop inside with these fitted; normally both seats would have been squelching so much water used to come in. Total bargain!

Rated by Graham Lewis
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