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I installed the bushing kit on my 1991 MR2. I was a bit skeptical of performance gains during the installation but I was very pleased after I did my test run afterwards. My car no longer drifted around on the road and the car finally tracked straight when I went into boost. The car no longer had a loose feel that I had become accustomed to over the 18 years I have owned my car. Fortunately I had a small hydraulic press which made removal of the old bushings a breeze. I recommend an alignment afterwards since you will not be able to save the original settings. I recommend this bushing upgrade kit!


Total pain to install. Took 10hours or so (I am slow) and the directions are very poor. "Take out old bushing, grease new bushing, install". Buy 2 extra sets of grease with these (6 total). Awesome to have. Car handles great and I use it at the track. Did not notice any more vibrations, but better cornering abilities one hard turns. Normal street use probably will not yield anything noticeable, but spirited or AutoX driving will.

Rated by Max Corbett

Took the advice of a few others and had this kit installed by professionals. My deuce had 330,000 miles on it all on factory original suspension components. After installing these bushings it was a complete night and day difference in how my car handled. "Solid as a rock" is the best way I can describe how she handles now. A definite buy for those looking to upgrade their bushings for street or track use.

Rated by Owen Long

Great kit, but poor instructions. I installed the kit over 4 days (30 hours), with medium skills, basic toolbox, cutting disc and an acetylene torch. Do note that I sandblasted and painted every reusable part, if not I'd be done in under 15 hours. I recommend searching up the write-up from mr2 knowledge base, I also urge everyone to order a extra 3-pack of supergrease. The brackets for the rear sway bar may need changing, so consider ordering those with bolts and ball joints for every corner if they are old. Lastly, use lots of penetrating fluids all over every bolt/washer that has to come off, and leave them soaked for a night or so. All washers in the kit must be used. As for the ride, all notchy feelings/body roll is gone. Top kit!

Rated by Fred Roaldsoy

Wasn't as bad as most people made it out to be. Took me and a friend about 5 hours from the time i jacked it up to pulling it out of the garage. The bushings came in 2 seperate boxes. 1 for the front and 1 for the back. Each box had a piece of paper labeling which bushing went in which control arm. All you have to do is match the number on the bushing to the paper so you know where it goes. Getting the factory bushings out of the rear trailing arms were the hardest. Used a 36mm socket as a cup while using a 14mm socket on top to push all the bushings out with a press. Then just use a bench vise to press the new bushings in. I also had more than enough grease for the new bushings.

Rated by Billy Therriault

Excellent suspension upgrade which should be on every car. Having a 98 3sgte with 86km my bushes were not very worn but thought I'd do this installation as I take the car to the track and strip occasionally. Very impressed with outcome and car feels like it is attached to the road. Kit is not an easy install and its a must to either get old bushes pressed out or physically burn them out. Directions are not very good and numbers do not match up with bushes. Had to measure and check each bush to make sure it was correct along with the right sleave. If you try to only front or back and get some bushes mixed up you will be re-doing later on. Washers do not always fit and have to be adapted unless you re-use some of the old ones. As a "total complete kit" it should include the sway bar bushes but these need to be ordered seperately. No directions for these and if you thought it was straight forward you would be wrong. Fronts are easy but rears require cross member to be dropped in order to access inner bolt. Far from an easy task and I'd expect 10hr install to be average. jim

Rated by James Benck
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