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this is a great kit! saves lots of time, quick and easy.

Rated by Ross Kay

I bought this kit after I spent a good day trying to put the tension on without it. Once I had the studs installed it took no more than 2 minutes. Great Idea! I'm considering doing the same thing with the bolt that holds the oil dipstick in place as that's just as much of pain to get to.

Rated by Eric Pazder

Totally awesome. I had preinstalled my tensioner so didnt think i needed these. But then had to remove the tensioner with the engine in the bay. To the other guys comment, i dont think the studs are suppose to bottom out. Best 16 bucks i spent on this engine build


The threaded holes are not threaded their full length. Just thread the studs as much as you can, understanding some threads will protrude out of the head. This will provide the proper distance.

Rated by Andrew Cassidy

Could not get the studs to bottom. Tried by hand, using the supplied nuts, and also slotting the top and using a r-angle screwdriver. No luck. Instructions call for using the supplied nut to spin the studs down. However the nut locks on the studs. Instructions call to use a vice grip to hold the stud while backing off the nut. However getting vice grips in position is impossible unless you have the motor out of the car. Sadly I will have to scrap this kit and order a set of bolts from Toyota.

Rated by Jason Kamick
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