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Great improvement over stock, when first installed created a lot of vibration into the cab but got better after a few good hard launches

Rated by Brian Easthope

Put these on my 86 mr2 and did a hundred mile test drive this morning. Cons; *In idle there is more vibration but its not that bad *You have to be on point with your clutch work. If you don't pick up the rpm's before you drop it you will feel every bit of your drive train shaking. I could see this getting really old if you drive in stop and go traffic allot. Pros; *Shifts are solid! *Engine braking at high rpm's is solid! *Much better feel while cornering. *Overall feel for the car is greatly improved. The suspension feels like its doing all the work now. Before I could feel the old rubber brushing allowing the drive train to slop around making the car unstable. I can hear my tires start to give in corners more clearly so I know when to back off. The engine sound much cleaner in high rpm's. If you like racing and your of the mindset that a little harshness in your ride is worth it for improved control I would recommend you order yours today. If you just like playing around a little time to time its probably mr2much for you!

Rated by brian son

Fit nice only hard part is taking the old ones out, nice and stiff just how I like my mounts.

Rated by bryce munson

I can confirm that the 5SFE mounts suit 3SGE just fine. As they should, they use the same mounts.

Rated by Jeremy Banks

Wow just put these on my SW20 and what a feeling! It helped in every way possible with shifting, acceleration, and throttle response. A must have for those 20 year old mounts!

Rated by sean earley

I think it's important for people to see exactly how bad your original motor mounts can get, even if they look like they're ok. -The through bolt guide was actually not attached and free floating on the rear mount. It slid right out with no pressure. http://imgur.com/4g74Q -Doesn't look too bad right? Just a little cut on one side of the front mount? http://imgur.com/BcNTg -Wrong! I pulled this out with no effort, the material was dried out like an old rubber band. http://imgur.com/2t0Rc -Looking a hell of a lot better prior to reinstall. http://imgur.com/ISvJX

Rated by Russell Moran
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