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One of the easiest,& most noticeable upgrades I've installed on my '87 MK1! Night & day difference in under an hour.Should've got this kit a long long time ago! Yeah,shifter does rub on center console a bit when shifting intp 5th or reverse,but the pro's outweigh the con's by far! Really happy with the kit & highly recommend it!

Rated by Jesus Mendoza

Easy to install and performs great. This kit made a really noticeable difference in shifting and even made the shifter look nice! Thanks again for the great product Twos R Us!!!!!

Rated by Yosefu Hauge

I recently installed this kit in my 91 NA, and it is a complete night and day difference! I purchased shiftkit 3, and it really lowers the shift knob a lot. My arm rests on the console while my hand is on the shifter. This kit significantly reduces the distance between the gears. I feel like I hardly have to move it at all! It also tightens up the feeling of the shifter, which I find to be an added plus. Installation took less than an hour, and most of that time was spent picking my tool tray that I knocked over! I highly recommend this kit to any MR2 owner, you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase!

Rated by Adam Zysk

Installed this kit on my 86 mr2 without the 93 shifter. Much shorter throws and it drops the knob right where I want it. Shifts are clean and crisp. Before I had problems with binding, half way engaging the syncroes and getting stuck. Nothings worse than grinding gears while your showing off! This kit fixed that too. Awesome buy, I love it.

Rated by brian son

I installed this shift kit on my 92 NA, the stock shifter and knob have a completely unreasonable height and I immediately ordered this kit to rectify the issue. I got this kit with the drop plate, 93 shift lever and matching ball shift knob. The knob and lever significantly lower the shifter height over an inch. Then the drop plate and short shifter components drop it almost another half inch. The solid base and shifter bushings are great they provide a more direct shifting feel, any mushyness is removed from the system. The short shift components although they provide a significant throw reduction, actually caused me to snatch first, second and reverse when shifting quickly; therefore undoing the potential benefits of having the short shifter in the first place. I had to uninstall the drop plate and the small bracket that adjusts the shifter cables for more leverage because of these issues. It may be different for you depending on the condition of your transmission but mine has recently had the syncromesh replaced and the kit was still not viable. Overall it is a great kit for 92s, the 93+ shifter lever and the knob itself put the shifter at a comfortable height, and the solid bushings for the mount, and the other end of the shifter cables provide a positive feel. It makes it feel like you have a solid shaft shifted transmission vs a cable shifted transaxle. The drop plate and cable bracket although reduced throw, caused gear snatching for me in my rebuilt transmission. After removing the drop plate my shifter worked fantastic. If you have a 92- I recommend the 93+ lever, knob and bushings not the drop plate. If you have a 93+ get the knob and bushings. I cannot recommend the drop plate to anyone from my experience, it may be different for you but it caused snatching that was eliminated upon uninstallation. Overall this is a good kit, I cannot give it a full 5 stars because of my issues with the drop plate but with the other components it makes my car very pleasant to shift at any tempo.

Rated by Jon Snyder

I installed this kit in my aw11, with the 93+ shifter, the whole 9 yards. If you get the 93+ shifter, you HAVE to use the short throw linkage bracket piece, otherwise you will run into the shifter base before engaging 5th gear. With the whole kit installed, the shifter on mine still makes contact with the shifter base, but always engages just fine no problem, just makes a loud click sound when fast shifting. an even taller cable throw short shift bracket would help more with this, as there is more room to go to 3rd vs 2nd, and with less throw it will sit a tad further back and not need to go as far forward. I was a little disappointed to see that the drop plate was just plastic, not metal as shown in all the pictures, I felt a little gypped but I got over it. (Twos R Us Note - it is Delrin, which is not brittle like plastic would be. This switch was made because there was no need to use metal here, it's lighter and gave us some manufacturing flexibility. Sorry you felt gypped!) Other than that I love the feel of the shifter now! I got the solid linkage bushings along with the shifter base bushings, everything and Im very pleased.

Rated by Joshua Wolkersdorfer
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