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Installed on a 1987 MR2 NA. Pros: The kit significantly lowered the throws between gears. It looks much better than the stock shifter assembly - a smaller shifter for a smaller car. Also, the installation wasn't took hard, and only took about an hour and a half altogether with no instructions. The appearance and shifting overall is improved at the price of the shifting being a bit more stiff. Cons: The forward/back shifter cable bracket was off just a bit. The hole that the forward/back cable is suppose to reattach to was too low, which cause the bolt not to go in all the way. It took about 10 minutes to find and file down the shift lever in order for the cable to reattach properly with the new shifter. I filed off about 1/16'' off the shifter to make it fit. Unfortunately the center console (armrest) is now in the way of the shifting when going into 5th or reverse. I'm assuming this will show some wear on my already crappy, blue, console after awhile. It isn't anything to worry about, it just slides into it a bit. Other thoughts: The instructions are on the front page of the website for those, like me, who did not know. No indication was made on the item to where the instructions were, but I found them shortly after* I installed everything. I had just bought a new shift boot a few months ago to replace the stock one that was torn. This turned out to be useless now that the boot covers the shifter, knob and all. Installation tip: When installing the shifter, it may help to have an assistant hold the neutral return spring open while you put everything back together Final thought: Overall, an exceptional product at a small price.

Rated by Cody Salas

Installed this kit in my 86 NA MR2 and felt immediate improvement in shifting. The lowering plate positions the shifter a little better for me, and the short shift shortens the throw enough to improve my shifts (a little) without translating 1mm movements in to gear changes (a friend's car does this, its infuriating). Good quality kit, good instructions (though its all pretty straightforward).

Rated by Andrew Young

Standard shipping was fast, and the install was easy. Makes shifting so much sweeter. Great product.

Rated by Michael Chart

Love these short shift kits with the brass bushings. Have them on both of my MK1's. Perfect amount of shift travel, and you can still fit the leather boot. I later added the brass bushings, and that improved the shift feel even more. Also made it easier to get into reverse on my 89SC.

Rated by andrew Schank

Great kit. Easy install. The lowering plate and bracket for the shift cable offer minimal but noticeable changes for the better in shift throw and overall positioning. The bushings really make shifting feel more precise.

Rated by Craig Ingram

I purchased a shift kit 3 with 93+ Shift lever to put into my 87 mr2. Alot of people have had issues with installing this kit. It wasn't a direct fit but it's not designed for the MK1. If you have any issues with the install of this item feel free to email me starscream37@hotmail.com and I can help you out. Thanks again twos R us for another high quality product.

Rated by alex jarocki
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