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great upgrade!!! i couldn't believe the difference in throw, not to mention the superior feel. coupled with the solid brass shifter cable bushings my shifting has improved 100 times over the old worn down banana style knob and lever. i recommend this to all pre 93 cars

Rated by Jonathan Anaya

Thanks twosrus..lightning fast shipping...I like this level much better..much shorter..shifting feels great. My only complain is its angled towards the passenger side..so it gets pushed much closer to the passeenger side and sometimes makes it hard to go in 5th or reverse if you have a thick shift boot. I dropped this in with the rSe plate and the jono 93 tab...shifting feels alot better..just sometimes I can't get into reverse.

Rated by Albert Huynh

this was by far the best buy i made so far! Shifting became so much easier when coupled with the aluminum shift knob. add a drop plate and you got for a very nice look and feel. i recommend not just the lever but the kit. saves you time when you do it all at once

Rated by Juan Hernandez

It wasn't no 5 minute switch but that's because the previous owner had more dirt than what a gold mine worker can dig. Cleaned it and rubbed new multi-purpose grease. Took about a hour and change. The results where magnificent/awesome/recess perfect. Definitely a must for short shifting. Great product guys. I did use a TRD long shift knob on it. The one without the shifting pattern is the one that will work with it. Duct tapes a bit of the shifters base to give my knob more of a firmer feel.

Rated by Johnny Ferreira

Purchased this as an upgrade to my 88 MK1, and it was perfect. I wanted the factory smooth shift feel with the shorter throw and look, and this delivered! High quality piece, excellent price, can't go wrong. Very happy!

Rated by Nathan Dalrymple

Good: It is shorter It doesn't change the mount location for the shift linkage. (IE i don't think it Shortens the throw by much) Looks better Bad: Some say they had problems getting into 5th or R. I did not have these problems HOWEVER atm, if i don't hold the lever forward when i take off in first, it slips out. I think the JON-o tab will fix this. Also, i think my car has the drop plate. I noticed an aluminum plate so unless its stock, i guess the PO bought it. The stupid ring- they really should charge a dolar or 2 and remove it for people... I would recomend buying the whole kit so you get the best outcome!

Rated by Brandon Trainque
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